Monday/Tuesday, May 29-30, 2023 Basic Riders Course 10am-3pm

The Basic Rider Course Motorcycle training consists of 16 hours of training; A 6 hr e-course (to be located within your confirmation e-mail & must be completed by you before 1st day of class) & 10 hours of practical exercises and range training.

Upon successful completion of e-course and training, students will be given a MSF BRC completion card and be able to update their Drivers License with the Motorcycle Endorsement. We report all passing tests to the State electronically so you can get your license 48 to 72 hrs. -  even without the card!

For students under 18 years old: Rider's Choice will require a legal Parent/Guardian signature on the waiver form. This must be done in person on your first day of class and in the presence of your Rider Coach. Under no circumstances is the waiver to be filled out before or after because the parent/guardian is not present. Parents/Guardians are welcome to stay and observe class but are not required to.

Observers must adhere to range rules set forth in beginning of class, and will not be permited on the range at any time. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in being asked to wait in your parked vehicle until class is finished.

Rider's Choice Training supplies the following: 

  1. All classroom material (e-course, pens, paper, etc.)
  2. Motorcycles (125cc-250cc bikes that are good for beginners and fun to ride)
  3. Gloves (limited supply. If you own them, bring them)
  4. Helmets (limited supply. If you own it and it is DOT certified, bring it)
  5. Professional training from MSF and State Certified Rider Coaches
  6.  A fun, enjoyable, learning experience

You supply:

  1. Valid drivers license (Cannot be suspended, revoked, expired, or restricted)
  2. E-course completion certificate (Print, Picture, Screenshot. We must be able to read name and number on certificate)
  3. Sturdy over the ankle shoes/boots (No flip-flops, sandals, crocks, tennis shoes or the like)
  4. Long sleeve shirt (Must cover from shoulder to wrist)
  5. Long pants (No tears, rips, or straps)
  6. Attention (You paid for the class, reap all the benefits)
  7. Respect (Rider Coaches volunteer their time away from family to teach along side you. Show the same gratitude!)
Monday/Tuesday, May 29-30, 2023 Basic Riders Course 10am-3pm
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